Why coconut wax?

Coconut oil is extracted from the kernal of mature coconuts harvested from the Coconut Palm tree (Cocos Nucifera). Using the hydrogenation process, coconut oil is then transformed into wax. 

Coconut is a completely renewable resource. A mature coconut palm produces an average of 120 fruits a year and can live for over 60 years. During its productive years, the tree will continually produce fruit. 

The coconut palm tree is known as a “three generation” tree which means it can support a farmer, her children and their grandchildren. They are not sprayed with pesticides and they need relatively few nutrients (fertilizers) to produce good yields.Coconut plantations absorb CO2. 

One hectare contains around 150 mature trees. Five years before any coconut tree is uprooted, a new one is planted so that it will be in full production by the time the old tree is removed.


Coconut wax is a wonderful carrier for our essential oil aromas as it has a lower melt point which helps to keep the therapeutic benefits and phytoactive values alive.Coconut wax holds a higher volume of fragrance than other natural waxes and doesn’t interfere with the true notes of a fragrance.


Beautiful creamy white look and texture. Skin safe!


Eco-friendly and sustainable


It is non-toxic and burns much cleaner than paraffin wax which can emit carcinogens like toluene and benzene


Long burning – it burns slower and cooler, creating a longer burning candle.


Biodegradable – coconut wax is naturally biodegradable and cleans up with soap and water.

Helps firm up the candles, as coconut wax is naturally softer. Considered the healthiest wax to make candles from because they are smokeless and soot-free. Beeswax candles helps purify the air as they burn. It’s naturally sourced, just like coconut wax, allowing for an entirely natural candle.

Why bees wax?

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